May 25, 1579

Decree, issued by Daniel Brendel von Homburg, Archbishop of Mainz, for the County of Rheingau [Present-day Germany]: “Whereas it is not a hidden fact that the Jews are a burden to public welfare, pushing the poor into depths of despair with their shameful, cunning interest and usury, in an affront to God, honor and justice; thus, henceforth, no Jew shall be allowed to reside or to settle down in our County of Rheingau, nor shall they be allowed any activity as traders or merchants; and those who fail to comply shall be punished severely and without mercy. In addition, we also forbid our subjects, if they want to avoid mandatory punishment, to borrow anything from the Jews, to socialize with them, or to enter into any usurious contract with them.”
Schaab, Carl Anton. Diplomatische Geschichte der Juden zu Mainz und dessen Umgebung, mit Berücksichtigung ihres Rechtszustandes in den verschiedenen Epochen (Diplomatic History of the Jews in Mainz and its surroundings, under consideration of their legal situation across the various epochs). Zabern: Mainz, 1855. Page 188. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/6/2020