Apr. 29, 1622

“Jewish-Ordinance of Münster” (‘Münsterische Judenordnung’) issued by Prince-Bischop Christoph Bernhard von Galen [Present-day Germany; Bishopric of Münster]: “By the grace of God, we Christoph Bernard, Bishop of Münster of the Holy Roman Empire […] publicly announce herewith […] that we have found that a great number of unprotected foreign Jews enter into our stift* not only as they please, but also without our given permission […] and roam around in our cities, villages and places to the detriment of our domain (’hohe regalien’) and our subjects […] we wish […] to have the aforementioned (Jews) chased out of our domain with all seriousness and to confiscate their goods to set an example […] or to proceed against them with other ways of punishments, and so we wish to warn all foreign unprotected Jews who sneak into our domain in order to obviate them from damages/punishment in all seriousness with this our public edict and patent […].” [Researcher’s note: *A Stift was an independent territory in the Holy Roman Empire.]
Universität Münster. Münsterische Judenordrung (University of Münster. Jewish Ordinance of Münster); www.uni-muenster.de; Accessed online; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/23/2019