Mar. 1, 1627

“Jewish Toll Agents,” decree issued by Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor and Archduke of Austria [present-day Austria]: “We have been afforded credible knowledge, by way of complaints directed to us, that righteous citizens are willing to pay a high toll to those Jews, yet the latter, in the interest of multiple profit, subsequently raise those tolls in an un-Christian and unjustifiable way. […] Accordingly, to those of you who have hitherto tolerated Jews in their lands, be it with their own houses or as tenants, it is our most merciful and serious order and will, that you shall deport the same, for the benefit of the whole nation, from your lands, that they shall no longer be tolerated, even as guests or boarders, and that you shall no longer […] use the same as toll agents or in any other official function […].”
von Guarint, Frantz Anton (ed.). Codex Austriacus: Zu Gemeinsamen Nutzen mit besondern Fleiß zusammen getragen Und das Erstemahl in Druck gelassen, Volume 1. Voigt & Koll: Vienna, 1704. P.564. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/13/2019.