Feb. 20, 1629

Jew-Ordinance, issued by George II, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt [Present-day Germany]: “First, upon receiving Our royal letter of protection, the Jews shall promise by way of their Jewish oath, that they will not blaspheme Our savior, Jesus Christ, or face a thorough inquisition. Second, they shall solemnly swear that they will not erect any new synagogues, but quietly use only the old, existing ones. Third, they shall promise to refrain from religious discussions, especially with simple-minded laymen. Fourth, they shall not antagonize, insult, or pursue any Jew who has converted to the Christian faith, nor cause him to relapse, but let him remain unconfused in his Christian faith. Fifth, they shall not prevent any Christian from preaching, nor attempt to lead Our subjects astray from their Christian faith; should the latter have a mere inkling of such intentions, the Jew in question shall be punished severely and without mercy. […] Thirteenth, they shall not admit any Christian to their circumcision ritual or allow a Christian to observe the ritual. Fourteenth, on Sundays and all Christian feast days, they shall remain quiet and in their homes. Fifteenth, any Jew who rapes a Christian woman or virgin, or sleeps with her, shall be arrested by Our officers, and, after We have been notified of this, suffer the death penalty.”

Günther, Carl Friedrich. Bilder aus der Hessischen Vorzeit (Images from Ancient Hessian History). Jonghans: Darmstadt, 1853. Page 85. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/20/2020