Jan. 22, 1643

“Penal-Patent” issued by Ferdinand III [Archduchy of Austria; Present-day Austria]: “We, Ferdinand III order […] that in order to prevent and cease such conspiracy, We wish that from now on, especially the Jews, who purchase goods in the city and then sell it in the Jewish-City (‘Judenstadt’), owe [and are to pay] without any objection a tax (‘Mauth’) on all such goods, or have their shops locked/blocked off in the Jewish-City. Whoever violates this, or sells his goods and products in the suburbs, or in the Jewish-City before paying [the necessary] tax – or even if he does not sell [these goods but] just displays them in one or the other place without having registered any with the tax-authorities [first] – is to have his goods deemed as contraband and confiscated whatever they may be. That is why all hosts and citizens in suburbs are ordered not to allow such business/establishment. And forth, no Christian shall transport/carry across or tax any Jewish goods or products under his own name as a cover, because Jews, who are not specially privileged and exempt to carry such [items] owe more [in taxes] compared to the Christians […]”
Sammlung Oesterreichischer Gesetze und Ordnungen, wie solche von Zeit zu Zeit ergangen und publiciret worden. Gesammelt und in diese Ordnung gebracht von Sebastian G. Herrenleben (“Collection of Austrian Laws and Ordinances as they have been issued and published from time to time. Collected and brought into this particular order by Sebastian G. Herrenleben.”); (Leipzig; 1748); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 7/27/2018