Aug. 20, 1650

“Jewish-Privilege” issued by Frederick William, Margrave of Brandenburg [Present-day Germany; Margraviate of Brandenburg]: “We, Frederick William (‘Friedrich Wilhelm’), by the grace of God, Margrave of Brandenburg, […] document herewith publicly for every one [that Jews be permitted to stay 7 additional years in accordance with Our predecessors … and so that Our subjects may have it easier to collect any debt they hold against Jews …]: That is why we have permit Jews to remain 7 consecutive years in Our principality – starting with the approaching Saint Bartholomew’s Day […] and to move about freely and to do business […]; however, they may not settle down permanently, or pursue illegal pre-sales, or become merchants, and that they do not acquire general-items, clothes, silver or golden dishes, or small items/knick-knacks […] or engage in usury against Ours (subjects). […]. [In exchange for the aforementioned seven years, Jews are to pay one hundred Reichstaler per year, and in addition to the 4 ton of feathers they have given each year so far, they are also to give a fit horse, and if it does not please Us, 50 Reichstaler instead and then another 50 Reichstlr., which means, 200 Rtlr as tribute on St. Bartholomew’s day beginning with the upcoming year 1651 …]”
Stern, Selma: Der Preußische Staat und die Juden. Erster Teil/Die Zeit des Großen Kurfürsten und Friedrichs I. Zweite Abteilung: Akten. (The Prussian state and the Jews. First Part / The time of the Grand Prince-Elector and Friedrich I. Second division: Files/Documents.); (Tübingen; 1962); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/7/2020 ADD PAGE #