Dec. 10, 1655

“Decree”* issued in the Region of Nassau/Germany [Present-day Germany]: “Jews shall abstain themselves from selling wax and butter and bringing these across the border (exporting them) […] and whatever such things they purchase  — especially hides/skins – only on the weekly markets.” [Researcher’s note: There is an H. after the date in this document which could refer to “Hof’ = the Royal Court [Decree].]
Weisthum der Gesetze, Ordnungen und Vorschriften welche in die Nassauische Teutsche Länder, Ottoischer Linie, von den ältesten Zeiten bis hierhin ergangen sind.  Ausgestellt nach der Zeit und Buchstabenfolge. Zweiter Teil. (“Collection of laws, ordinances, and regulations which were issued in Nassaunian-German Lands in the lineage of Otto from times past up until now.”) (Hadamar; 1803); Seal of the Law Library of Munich; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 11/19/2013