Feb. 26, 1661

“Royal [Court] Rescript” (‘Hofreskript’) issued by the Austrian Royal Court [Present-day Austria, Czech Republic]: “His Majesty confirm the privileges of the Moravian Jewry, that the Jews are to be permitted to attend the annual and weekly markets in the royal cities (‘leideutliche’) recognition. […] However, if the Jewry behaves badly/causes mischief (‘exzediren’), the culprits/trouble-makers shall be punished if the royal cities files a complaint […] or lose permission to enter the annual markets altogether.”
Sammlung der seit dem Jahre 1600 bis zum Jahre 1740 ergangenen allerhöchsten Gesetze. In chronologischer Ordnung. Gesammelt und herausgegeben von Franz Xaver Wekebrod, erstem Magistrats-Rath und Syndikus in Römerstadt. (Brünn; 1810); (Collection of [all] supreme laws issued from 1600 until 1740. In chronological order. Collected and published by Franz Xaver Wekebrod, lead syndic of the magistrate and council of the Roman city.) Brno; 1810; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 7/29/2019