Nov. 17, 1666

“General-Rescript” issued by Duke Eberhard Ludwig of Württemberg [Present-day Germany; Duchy of Württemberg]: “By the grace of God, Eberhard Ludwig, Duke of Württemberg and Teck […] Dear faithfuls! [In reference to Our State-Ordinance …] regarding the Jews […] as to how the aforementioned are to conduct themselves […] and that the subjects are to refrain from trading and doing business with them except during annual and public markets […] or face high fines and confiscation – and even corporal punishment and life-long imprisonment, […] we have noticed with displeasure that Our attempted preventions have shown little effect and that all sorts of trading and business continues with the same (Jews), which we no longer wish to tolerate. […]”
Sammlung der württembergischen Gerichts-Gesetze. Von Chr. H. Ricke, Rechts-Consulent in Stuttgart. Dritter Theil. Enthaltend bis dritte Riehe der Gerichts-Gesetze vom Jahr 1654 bis zum Jahr 1805. (Collection of court/legal laws of Württemberg. By Chr. H. Ricke, Legal-Consultant in Stuttgart. Third part. Contains all first three rows of the court/legal laws starting 1654 until 1805.); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 1/5/2020 ADD PAGE #