Jun. 26, 1669

“Order” of the Inquisition-Commission [Present-day Austria]: “[…] they (Jews) are required as a whole community as well as each person individually to specify how much capital and interest they owe Christian creditors and since when […] they are to report how many of them live in Vienna and the amount of taxes/investments (‘Anlage’) they pay […] they are to refrain from any form of impropriety aimed at Christians. […] All Jews shall be liable for any theft committed by any [individual] Jew and their assets shall solely be used for it. […] The burgher Georg Winkler (who is to be paid for it) shall be present at all meetings of the Jews […] and only German may be spoken during these meetings. […]”
Wolf, Gerson: Die Juden in the Leopoldstadt (“unterer Werd” im 17. Jahrhundert in Wien; (Wien; 1864) (The Jews in Leopoldstadt (“lower Werd”) in the 17th Century in Vienna); (Vienna; 1864); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani, 9/29/2017