Dec. 26, 1693

“An Act for, and towards the Defence of this Island,” passed by the House of Assembly of Jamaica [Present-day Jamaica]: “[…] Enacted and Ordained […] that the Nation and People of the Jews Residing within this Island, Pay or cause to be Paid, towards the Raising of the said Sum of [Money] before mentioned, and expressed to be Raised on the Inhabitants of this Island, over and above and besides the Tax as aforesaid Assessed, the full Sum of Seven Hundred and Fifty Pounds […]. And in Case of failure in the Compliance of the said Payment, Be it further Enacted […] that the Sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds more, besides the said Seven Hundred and Fifty Pounds above appointed to be Assessed on the Nation and People of the Jews abovesaid: That then it shall and may be Lawful for the Treasurer or Treasurers hereafter to be appointed by Warrant or Distress, under his or their Hands and Seals, Directed to the Constable or Constables for the respective Parishes where such Jew or Jews reside, to Levy or singly cause to be Levyed at Discretion upon the several Jews, Inhabitants of this Island, such proportional Sum or Sums as shall make up the Sum of One Thousand Pounds as aforesaid. That then […] it shall and may be Lawful for the Governor or Commander in Chief by Warrant under his Hand and Seal […] to Levy or cause to be Levied on all and every Person or Persons so Offending, One Hundred Pound [current Money] of this Island, or the value thereof upon his or their Monies, Slaves, Goods or Chattels, and sell the same by Publick Outcry, returning the Overplus, if any be, to the Owner; and in Case no [Money], Slaves or Goods are to be found as aforesaid, that then he take into Custody the Body of the Person or Persons so offending, and him or them in safe Custody keep, until he or they Pay the said Sume of One Hundred Pound for the said Offence […].”
Friedenwald, Herbert. Material for the History of the Jews in the British West Indies. Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, No. 5 (1897), pp. 45-101. Page 87. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 5/15/2020