Apr. 9, 1709

“Order” of Lothar Franz [von Schönborn], Archbishop-Elector of Mainz, Bamberg, and Arch-Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire [Present-day Germany]: “[…] since the Jews bequeath their daughters a considerable dowry/endowment according to their faith […] and secretly take out [their wealth from the domain] and let their children take care of them, by which a timely prince/[domain]lord is cheated out of the after-tax (‘Nachsteuer’) [… that is why …] Jews are, henceforth, to be required to obediently report the size of the dowry [they are to give/export] to be taken out of the Electorate, and to properly submit the tenth [penny] of it without exception or face confiscation […]”
Friedrich Johann Bodmann’s inneres Territorialverhältnis des Abzugs- und Nachsteuerrechts in Deutschland überhaupt, und im Erzstifte Mainz insbesondere. (Friedrich Johann Bodmann’s inter-territorial relationship regarding the departure- and resettlement-tax laws in Germany, and especially in the Arch-Stift of Mainz); (Mainz; 1791); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/7/2020