Jan. 15, 1716

“Renewal of Edict from August 28, 1703, regarding Jewish prayer” [Present-day Germany, Poland; Kingdom of Prussia]: “[…] His Royal Majesty of Prussia […] Our all-gracious Lord […] wishes that the previously issued edict regarding the Jewish prayer Aleinu leshabei’ach (‘Alenu laschabbeach’) is strictly adhered to [see Frederick’s decree from August 28, 1703, which prohibits Jews from saying the ‘Alenu leschabbeach: Schehem coreim umistachawim lahevel varik, umitpallelim le lo joshia’ prayer loudly, while/and splitting and jumping [up and down …]. This renewed edict is to be made public in German and Hebrew and given out as well as posted where Jews live [ … and transgressors are to be chased out of the country or receive corporal punishment and a fine, depending on the circumstances …].”
Des Corporis Constitutionum Marchicarum Sechster Theil. Von Miscellaneis, und Supplementis derer vorhergehenden Fünf Theile bis 1736. (Corpus of the constitution of the margraviate. Sixth part. Containing miscellaneous and supplemental [documents] in the previous five parts until 1736); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/28/2020