Jan. 14, 1724

“Ordinance” issued by the Royal Court [Present-day Austria]: “[…] Christians may not admit/accept one or several Jews into their homes/houses or rooms or to even keep him/them over night or be fined 100 Reichstahler.” [Researcher’s note: Jews were only permitted to stay in apartments that had been assigned to them. This prohibition was announced from door-to-door and made known to each homeowner at the expense of the Jewry on March 24, 1724.]
Beyträge zur politischen Gesetzkunde im österreichischen Kaiserstaate; Herausgegeben von Johann Ludwig Ehrereich (Graf von Barth-Barthenheim): Erster Band; (Wien; 1821); (Contributions to the Political Statutes of the Austrian Royal State; published by Johann Ludwig Ehrereich (Earl of Barth-Barthenheim); Volume I); (Vienna; 1821); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/7/2017 ADD PAGE #