Aug. 8, 1724

“Order” issued by Archbishop Damian Hugo of Speyer [Present-day Germany; Prince-Bishopric of Speyer]: “We, Damian Hugo, by the grace of God […] order with the power of this letter […] that Jews and Christians are not to co-habitate under the same roof or face a fine of 50 Rthlr. [Reichsthaler…]”
Sammlung der Bischöflich Speierischen Hirtenbriefe und Diocesan-Verordnungen von dem Jahre 1720 bis 1786. Nebst einem Anhang vom frommen Stiftungen in Hochstifte Speier. (Collection of pastoral letters of the Bishopric of Speyer and diocese ordinances from 1720 until 1786. Along with an appendix from the pious foundations in the Hochstift of Speyer.); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/27/2020