Apr. 3, 1730

Tax Ordinance, issued by Eberhard Louis, Duke of Württemberg [Present-day Germany]: “Title I, Art. 25. – Concessions for retail stores incur an annual tax of one, or two to three gold-guilders, depending on the type of merchandise. Jewish retailers shall pay an additional two to three gold-guilders annually. However, if they are accorded the status of court Jew, they shall also pay a one-time tax of four to six gold-guilders.” [Researcher’s note: “Court Jews” were important to absolutist European rulers as (often exclusive) purveyors of goods and money (loans), and as financial managers; in exchange, they enjoyed greater freedoms, comparable to those of Christians. For example, they were usually allowed to travel, move and settle down without restrictions.]
Reyscher, August Ludwig (ed.). Vollständige, historisch und kritisch bearbeitete Sammlung der württembergischen Gesetze (Complete, Historically and Critically Edited Collection of Württemberg Laws). Vol. 17. Fues: Tübingen, 1839. Page 425. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/21/2020