Feb. 20, 1731

Judgment of the King’s Council of State signed Phelypeaux and Boucher, steward of the generality of Bordeaux, and Dupin des Lezes in the name of King Louis XV. [France]: “(…) It is allowed for some Jewish merchants, established in Bordeaux, to trade, sell and negotiate for one month each season in all cities, towns and places this parliament and forbids Jews to trade, sell and debit goods in no cities and places of the Kingdom, other than those where they are domiciled.”
“Inventaire de la Collection Bruyard concernant le Bureau (de la Balance) du Commerce et l’Inspection des Manufactures sous l’Ancien Régime (1571-1831)” by Sandra Bos, Jan Lucassen, Roger de Peuter. (Nederlandsch Economisch-Historisch Archief Archives Néerlandaises D’histoire Économique Inventarisatie Bijzondere Collecties 6 Amsterdam 1996); Researched and Translated by Cristina Penland 5/16/2019