Mar. 29, 1737

“Renewed Coin Edict regarding the infamous/recalled [kinds of] currencies and their exchange from March 29 – April 6, 1737” [Present-day Germany, Great-Britain etc.; Electorate of Hanover]: “We, Georg, the other, King of Great Britain by the grace of God, announce herewith to be known to everyone […] 8) And that the Jews shall refrain altogether from exchanging and hauling away (‘Ausschleppung’) of good money/coins for the purpose of [making] a despicable profit: therefore, they (Jews) are reminded that they are not to exchange or split our good coins/money if they care to keep their escort-letters which they have received from Us. Those who disobey this order are not only themselves guilty, but their wives, children are to lose their protection[-permit] immediately as well and leave the land […] within 14 days from the time they were found to have engaged in such unlawful exchange […].” [Researcher’s note: This long edict is a general edict that is addressed to all locals. The above text pertains specifically to Jews.]
Corpus Privilegiorum et constitutionum Terrae Hadeleriae oder Sammlung der für das Land Hadeln erteilten und ergangenen Privilegien, Verordnungen und Anschreiben. Herausgegeben von Ernst Spangenberg, Dr. beider Rechte und königl. Großbritannisch-Hannoverschem Hof- und Canzley-Rathe in der Justiz-Canzley zu Zelle. (Hannover, 1823); (Collection of Privileges and constitution of the Territory of Hadeln” [Latin] or Collection of Privileges, ordinances, and addressed letters/writs issued for the territory of Hadeln. (Compiled and) issued by Ernest Spangenberg, PhD. in both laws pertaining to the royal Great-British-Hanoverian [Royal Court and Counsel in the Justice-Chancellery of Zelle].); (Hanover, 1823); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 12/5/2019