Jul. 19, 1737

“Resolution, Regarding the Permission for Jews in Elmshorn to Peddle in the Duchy of Rantzau and Dominion of Pinneberg” issued by King Christian VI [Present-day Germany, Denmark]: “[…] We […] have decided under these […] circumstances, and according to our kingly grace, that suppliers with provisions and the production of the necessary certificates – [showing] that they are indeed protected Jews who reside in Elmshorn, are permitted to peddle and partially sell their items there as well as on the countryside and in Our Duchy Ranzau and Our Dominion (‘Herrschaft’) Pinneberg; however, not outside of these areas [mentioned here]. […]”
Kirschninck: Harald: Die Geschichte der Juden in Elmshorn 1685-1918; Band 1; (Elmshorn; 2005); (“Kirschninck, Harald: The History of Jews in Elmshorn 1685-1918, Vol. 1”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/10/2017