Dec. 18, 1744

Edict Expelling Jews, issued by Empress Maria Theresa [Present-day Czech Republic]: “Resulting from several most significant causes that have moved us, we have decided that in the future, no Jew shall be tolerated within our hereditary kingdom of Bohemia. (1) On the last day of January 1745, no Jew shall be present any longer within the cities of Prague, and those in violation of this order shall be expelled with military force. (2) Those who cannot dispose of their property and effects by the end of January shall be allowed to remain until the end of June 1744, in order to facilitate the settling of their affairs. (3) After the passage of those 6 months, the entire Jewdom is to vacate the kingdom of Bohemia, never to be seen again within its borders. (4) This shall apply not only to the Jews of Prague, but to the complete Jewdom of the land, so that on the last day of June 1745, no Jew shall be present within the kingdom anymore.” [Note: The above edict was made public on December 22, 1744. Ziba Shadjaani]
Jahrbuch für die Geschichte der Juden und des Judenthums, Vol. IV; O. Leiner (publisher), Leipzig, Germany, 1869. p. 152. Accessed online; Translated by Dominik Jacobs 3/16/2016 ADD ENGLISH TRANSLATION