ca. 1749

“Jewish [Entry]Toll/Tax” issued by the Royal[ly appointed] Deputation [Moravia] [Provisional]: “[…] 5) […Jews are permitted to enter the city after paying the required entrance-fee …], however, hereto, it is strictly prohibited […] for any Jew to dare to enter the city on a Sunday or holy-day. […]” [Researcher’s note: Even if Jews were required by the authorities (subpoenaed) to come to the city, they were not permitted to enter the city until the afternoon on a Sunday or holy-day. This very long document also discusses the terms according to which these toll-taxes are to be leased out for three years – via the “highest permission” (the king himself) to Conrad Leopold Donatius and Simon Hirschl in the amount of 7500 Gulden to be submitted monthly to the Royal Treasury (“k. k. Cameralcasse”) of Brünn.]
Juden in Mähren – Judengemeinden in Südmähren. Zusammengetragen und verfasst von Gerhard Hanak (“Jews in Moravia – Jewish Communities in Southern Moravia. Compiled and written/drawn up by Gerhard Hanak”);; Accessed online 2/4/2018; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/13/2018