Sept. 11, 1750

“Ordinance” issued by the Bohemian Government [Present-day Czech Republic; Kingdom of Bohemia/House of Habsburg]: “Jews are permitted to learn a craft and pursue this work and employ trainees/journeymen – except Christians […] Exempt are the craft of gunsmiths (‘Büchsenmacherey’), sword-makers/blacksmith (‘Schwertfeger’), and maker or plate armor (‘Plättnerey’)* and other military [related] crafts. […].” [Researcher’s note: *Plättner/Plattner were blacksmiths in the Middle Ages who were specialized in making body armor.]

Politischer Codex, oder wesentliche Darstellung sämmtlicher, die k. k. Staaten betreffenden Gesetze und Anordnungen im politischen Fache.  Praktisch bearbeitet von Ingaz de Luca, k. k. Rath und Professor. Dritter Band. (Wien; 1789); (Political codex or essential listing of all relevant laws and ordinances within the r[oyal] i[imperial] states/territories in the political field. Effectively edited by Ignaz de Luca, r[oyal] i[imperial] counsel and professor. Third Volume.); (Vienna; 1789); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/4/2019