Jan. 13, 1751

“Restriction on Immigration of Jews” issued by King Fredrick II of Prussia [Prussia / Present-day Germany, Poland]: “Jews are no longer permitted to be issued a [Jewish] ‘Privilege’ [=citzenship; Juden Privilegien], except if they are intending to set up a factory [in the country]; otherwise, the number of Jewish families are to always remain the same.” [Researcher’s note: This basically mean that no new Jews were allowed to settle in the land, except those who had received a Jewish Privilege and/or wealthy.]
Stern, Selma: Der Preussische Staat und die Juden, Dritter Teil, 2. Akten, 1. Halbband (The Prussian State and the Jews) (1971) p. 261, Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 1/9/2016