Jul. 26, 1751

Princely Jewish Ordinance of Fulda (‘Fürstlich-Fuldische Juden-Ordnung’) issued by the Prince-Abbot Amand von Buseck [Present-day Germany; Bishopric of Fulda/Stift Fulda]: “[…] 1) Each Jew, who wishes to be taken under protection (receive a legal residency-permit) must present a certificate of his past […] and wealth. [The size of] his assets is/are to be validated/notarized by the current head of the Jewish community (‘Judenvorsteher’) […] 6) Jews are only permitted to take care of housework behind closed doors during Christian holidays. The cattle in barns may only be taken out once […] 11) Based on old customs, the Christian priest receives annually half a Gulden from each Jewish household on New Years. 16) […] Jews may make a living by trading with cattle or goods, so long as the freedoms of the Christian subjects are not restricted. They (Jews) are not to compete with Christian traders by lowering prices on any goods. […]” [Researcher’s note: This ‘Jewish Ordinance’ contains 46 paragraphs and has been abbreviated to fit the allocated state.]
Aus der Geschichte der jüdischen Gemeinden in deutschem Sprachraum (Fulda; Hessen) (From the History of the Jewish Communities in German Speaking Territories (Fulda; [State of] Hesse); www.jüdische-gemeinden.de; Accessed online; Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 6/9/2018 ADD PAGE #