Mar. 25, 1753

“Rescript” issued by Friedrich, King of Prussia and addressed to all war & domain-chambers (Kriegs- und Domainen-Cammern’) [Present-day Germany, Lithuania, Poland etc.; Kingdom of Prussia]: “Fredrick (‘Friedrich’), King of Prussia […] We have received the general list of Jewish families which you have sent to Us […] You, on the other hand, are to use any means necessary so that the number of Jews (‘Jewish-heads’) does not increase […] and that you can annually report accurately any decline in numbers that are due to a death or when a permit is revoked in case the owner/holder of the permit commits a crime […]. You are also to instruct the local authorities/commissions to be vigilant so that no additional Jewish families sneak in and exceed the predetermined number set for them if they (authorities) wish to avoid serious punishment […] and that when Jewish families move out or have their protection-permit revoked, they are reported and no new ones [allowed to replace them and] be tolerated. […]”
Novum Corpus Constitutionum Prussico Brandenburgensium Praecipue Marchicarum, Oder Neue Sammlung königl. Preuße. und Churfürstl. Brandenburgischer, sonderlich in der Chur- und Marck-Brandenburg, wie auch andren Provinzien, publicirten und ergangenen Ordnungen, EDICTen, MANDATen, RESCRIPen &c. &c. Vom Anfang des Jahren 1751 und folgenden Zeiten. Mit königlicher Allergnädigsten Bewilligung, und Dero Akademie der Wissenschaften, darüber ertheilten Privilegs, nebst einer Einleitung in die mannigfaltigen Gesetze eines Staates, und besonders in die köngl. Preußl. und Chur-Brandenburgische Geistliche und Weltliche, Justitz- Militair- Cameral- Polizey- und übrige Landes-Gesetze. (A new constitution for Prussian Brandenburg, especially the Margraviate [of Brandenburg] or new collection of ordinances, edicts, mandates, rescripts etc. etc. published in the royal Prussian Electorate of Brandenburg, especially the Margraviate of Brandenburg and other provides. Starting with the year 1751 and the years following. With the royal, most gracious permission and that of the Akademie of Sciences, on whom the privilege was bestowed, along with an introduction/foreword to the varied laws of the state, especially the royal Prussian Electorate of Brandenburg clerical and secular laws that pertain to justice, military, chamber, police and other state laws.) (Berlin; 1753); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/5/2019