Sept. 22, 1753

Jew Ordinance, issued by the House of Representatives of Lower Austria [Austria]: “(2) In order to limit the size of Jewish households, every Jew shall be assigned a maximum number of male and female employees. (8) Jewish heads of household may only deal in drafts, money and jewels, but not in any other items or merchandise. (12) Every Jewish father of the house is to report any staff changes to the Lower Austrian government, so that they may be used to update the register of domestic Jews. (16) Jews are to worship quietly; on Sundays and holidays, they may not leave their homes before 10 a.m., and during any Christian processions, are to stay away from their windows.”
Urkunden und Akten zur Geschichte der Juden in Wien (1526-1847), Vol. I. A.F. Pribram. Vienna, 1918. p. 341. Accessed online; Translated by Dominik Jacobs 3/16/2016