May 30, 1765

Decree, issued by Frederick II, King of Prussia [Present-day Germany]: “Those protected Jews who appear on the regular Jew-rosters, and who have the right to have children, shall pay a fee of 50 thalers for the first child, and 100 thalers for the second child. […] Those protected Jews who are granted permission to transfer their privileges from one place to another, shall pay the following for such a translocation: to a large city, 300 thalers; to a medium city, 150 thalers; to a small city, 100 thalers.”
Sammlung aller in dem souverainen Herzogthum Schlesien und der demselben incorporirten Grafschaft Glatz in Finanz-, Polizey-Sachen etc. ergangenen und publicirten Ordnungen, Edicte, Mandate, Rescripte etc, (Collection of all decreed and published ordinances, edicts, mandates, rescripts etc. regarding financial and police matters, for the sovereign Archduchy of Silesia and the incorporated Duchy of Glatz), Volume 19. Korn Publishers: Breslau, 1788. Page 259. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/9/2020.