Mar. 21, 1769

“Cabinet Order” issued by Fredrick II [Prussia; Present-day Germany, Poland, Belgium]: “[…] Jews who have received permission to acquire a house are to purchase a certain amount of porcelain, that is a Jew with a ‘general privilege’ (General Privilegium) is to purchase 500 Thaler worth of [porcelain] and a ‘ordinary protected Jew’ (ordinärer Schutzjude) is to purchase 300 Thaler worth of [porcelain] […] and with the receipt of a concession or any other beneficence Jews are to purchase 300 Thaler worth of porcelain as well […] or to lose their privileges […].”
Kaelter, Robert: Geschichte der jüdischen Gemeinde zu Potsdam (History of Jews in Potsdam); (Potsdam; 1903); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 12/11/2016