Mar. 8, 1773

Regulation on Marriage for Jews issued by the Government of Galicia [Present-day Poland and Ukraine]: “[…] It is prohibited to all Jews to get married, whether inside or outside the cordon, without prior obtaining permission from the government and having paid the imposed tax. In case of violation all assets will be confiscated or a corporal punishment will be imposed.”
Edicta et Mandata Universalia Regnis Galiciae et Lodomeriae, Rozkazy yUstawy Powszechne Krolestwom Galicyi y Lodomeryi Ogloszone. AB 1773-74 [Universal Edicts and Mandates of the Kingdoms of Galicia and Lodomeria 1773-1774], page 44, Researched and Translated by Franziska Wagener 10/2016