Apr. 4, 1776

“Circular” issued via a “Royal Order” by the Electoral Chambers (‘Churmärkische Cammer’) [Present-day Germany; Poland etc.; Kingdom of Prussia]: “[…] the peddling of leather on the countryside is strictly prohibited to the Jewry in all of the royal states/domains and this prohibition is to be heeded in all seriousness […].” [Researcher’s note: This above circular was issued in response to a royal order that was sent to the Electoral Chambers (‘Churmärkische Cammer’) to be forwarded to the Tax-Councils to be published and overseen. Cameralists were public administrative servants.]
Practische Beyträge zur Cameralwissenschaft für die Cameralisten in den preußischen Staaten; und besonders diejenigen, welche churmärkische Cameralsachen bearbeiten. Von Gustav August Heinrich Baron von Lamotte, königlich preußischem Kriegs- und Domainenrathe. Dritter Theil. (Practical Contribution tp the administrative-science of Cameralists* in the Prussian states, and especially, those that edit matters pertaining to cameralism in the Kurmark. By Gustav August Heinrich Baron von Lamotte, royal Prussian War- and Domain Council. Third part.); (Halle; 1785); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/14/2020