Dec. 23, 1791

“Law on the Settlement and Migration of Jews in the Russian Empire” issued by Catherine the Great [Russia]: “Article 4. In addition to the provinces and districts listed in the preceding section, a permanent residence is permitted to the Jews, with the following restrictions: …Article 11. Jews who have gone abroad without a legal exit-permit are deprived of Russian citizenship and not permitted to return to Russia. Article 12. Within the general area of settlement and in every place where the Jews are permitted permanent residence, they are allowed not only to move from place to place and to settle in accordance with the general regulations, but also to acquire real estate of all kinds with the exception of inhabited estates, the ownership of which is strictly forbidden to Jews … Article 23. Every Jew must be registered according to the law in one of the legal estates of the realm. Any Jew not complying with this regulation will be treated as a vagrant.”
“Antisemitism in Imperial Russia; Creation of the Pale of Settlement (1791 and 1835).” No author, Accessed online article 9/29/2011