Apr. 17, 1797

“General-Jewish-Regulation for South- and New-East-Prussia” (‘General-Juden-Reglement’) [Present-day Germany, Poland; Kingdom of Prussia]: “[…] §16) In order that opportunities for local Jewesses to get married are not diminished, no Jew may be permitted to get married to a foreign Jewess if she cannot show to have contributed at least 500 Rthlr [Reichsthaler] to the marriage [as dowry …]”
Monatsschrift für Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums. Mit Mitwirkung mehrerer Gelehrten herausgegeben vom Oberrabbiner Dr. Z. Frankel, Director des jüdisch-theologischen Seminars zu Breslau. Vierzehnter Jahrgang. (Breslau; 1865); (Monthly Journal of History and Science of Judaism. With participation of various scholars, edited by Head-Rabbi Z. Frankel, PhD., Director of the Jewish-theological Seminary in Wroclaw. Fourteenth edition.) (Wroclaw; 1865); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/1/2020