Sept. 11, 1798

“Decree” issued by the Austrian Government [Archduchy of Austria; Present-day Austria]: “[…] since Jewish divorces must be carried out by the so-called learned or Rabbis, but since the tolerated [Jews] here do not have a Rabbi nor are permitted to have a Rabbi, a Jew, whom the parties have chosen to place their trust in, is to be permitted to take this position […] however, it is first to be inquired whether there exists such an individual who can take on the position of a Rabbi [in such cases …]”
Gesetze, Verordnungen und Vorschriften für die Polizei-Verwaltung im Kaiserthume Oesterreich. Erschienen in den Jahren 1740 bis Ende 1825, und in alphabetisch-chronologischer Ordnung zusammengestellt mit vorzüglicher Rücksicht auf Nieder-Oesterreich, von Chrysostomus Fauller, k. k. Polizei-Beamten. Zweiter Band. (Wien; 1828); (Laws, Ordinances, and Regulations for the Police-Administration in the Austrian Empire.  Published between the years 1740 – 1825 and Arranged in alphabetical-chronological order with special consideration to Lower Austria by Chrysostomus Fauller, r[oyal] i[mperial] Police Officials/Authorities/Officers. Second Volume.) (Vienna; 1828); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/12/2018 ADD PAGE #