Nov. 21, 1798

“Ordinance regarding Beggars and Vagabonds and such Thieves and Bands of Robber” issued by Prince Wilhelm d’Orange of Nassau [Holy Roman Empire; Present-day Germany; Principality of Orange-Nassau]: “By the grace of God, We Wilhelm IX, Landgrave to Hesse […] announce herewith: […] 6) […] Beggar-Jews and other suspicious Jews are not to be permitted to enter the land even under the pretense of wishing to visit the annual markets […]. 16) […] Any protected Jew, however, who has the audacity to offer shelter/a hideout to a beggar-Jew or a foreign, unknown Jew, shall, aside of paying a fine of 10 Thaler to the informer – who shall remain unnamed – be punished with the loss of his protection-permit/residency. 17) Furthermore, no protected-Jew is to employ (take on) a foreign Jew as a servant or teacher without the explicit permission of the authorities […]. Those protected-Jews who act contrary to this order, shall pay 20 Thaler the first time, half of which is to go to our administration and the other to the informant; however, next time, they are to be punished with the loss of their privilege/protection in addition to the same fine. 18) […] Innkeepers (‘Wirthe’) are permitted to lodge foreign Jews for the duration of the annual markets; however, innkeepers are to immediately inform such (Jews) of this regulation as soon as they arrive (at their establishment). Those foreign market-Jews, who do not fulfill the above-mentioned requirements are to be turned back immediately the first time; however, in case they return, they are to receive an 8 day prison sentence and be punished – alternatively with water and bread. Those innkeepers who offer shelter to foreign Jews 24 hours after the end of the annual market […] shall be punished with a fine of 10 Thaler which is to be given to the informant, and the second time with an 8-day prison sentence in addition to the same fine. 19) Especially, the Jewish heads of communities (‘judeschaftlichen Vorsteher’) are to make sure that no foreign Jews sneak into the land […] or to even settle down, and that if they should find out of such a Jew, to report them to the authorities immediately […] because should they be found out to have been keeping such secrets, they shall not only lose their own privilege but also be fined with an exemplary fine for having acted against Our highest interests […]”
Neue Sammlung der Landes-Ordnungen, Ausschreiben und anderen allgemeinen Verfügungen, welche bis zum Ende des Oktobers 1806 für die Gebietstheile Kurhessens ergangen sind. Vierter Band. Jahre 1785 bis 1806 einschlieslich. (“New collection of state/country ordinances, announcements, and other general regulations/decrees which have been issued for the territories of Kur-Hesse until the end of October 1806 inclusive.”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 9/3/2018