Jun. 10, 1799

“Highest/Supreme Ordinance for the Land/Country” (‘Höchstlandesherrliche Verordnung’) issued by the Government of the Prince-Electorate of Upper Palatinate [Prince-Electorate of Upper Palatinate; Present-day Germany]: “After His Highness, the Prince-Elector of Palatinate/Bavaria […] have been displeased to gathered from documents that show large scams, usury, and the oppression of subjects [being committed] which are to their and the states detriment […] and are often illegally done in collaboration with subordinate court-persons […] hereby mercifully orders that all citizens of Sulzburg – including Upper-Palatinate and Jews of Sulzburg, without exception, are to cease such actions as division of land (‘Gutszertrümmerung’)* which are detrimental to the community […] and that they are to remain excluded from the sale of immovable goods, and especially from purchasing and exchange contracts, as well as such negotiations at all times, and to refrain from engaging in such business activities […] that much more so, as any violators are to face severe punishment […] and all contracts that have been negotiated by Jews (have been the result of Jewish involvement) are to be annulled in case any complaints are brought forth […]” [Researcher’s note: The word ‘Gutszertrümmerung’ or ‘Güterzertrümmerung’ is no longer in use in German and most likely referred to the act of purchasing land in order to divide and sell it for a profit.]
Intelligenzblatt für den Unter-Mainkreis des Königreichs Baiern. Jahrgang 1819. (‘Intelligence-[News]Paper for Untermainkreis in the Kingdom of Bavaria’), (Würzburg); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/15/2018