Dec. 23, 1801

“Court Decree” issued by the Imperial Court of Holy Roman Emperor Francis II (Franz) [Present-day Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany; Holy Roman Empire]: “Jews are prohibited to trade with grains and hay.” [Researcher’s note: This prohibition was renewed January 12, 1802; December 21, 1807; January 22, 1808; March 24, 1808; February 13, 1812; April 17, 1812; February 18, 1813.]
Dr. Joh. Luksche’s, weiland kaiserl. mähr. schles. Appelationsrathes, Besondere Rechte der Personen Mährens und Schlesiens, vorzüglich in politischer Hinsicht. Zweiter Band; (Brünn, 1844); (Dr. Joh. Lutsche’s Weiland Imper[ial], Moravia[n], Silesia[n] Council of Appellations, Special Rights of Persons of Moravia and Silesia, especially in political terms. Vol. II); (Brünn; 1844); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 7/23/2017 ADD PAGE #