Jan. 2, 1807

“Ordinance” of the Austrian Government [Austrian Empire; Present-day Austria]: “1) Since a number of Jews may think that they may [now] be entitled to trade with salt because of Jewish-Patent of August 3, 1797, it is, therefore, reiterated that the Supreme Ordinance of February 19, 1787, in which Jews are prohibited to partake in any kind of trade with salt at any time (‘alla minuta’) is in no way revoked by this Jewish-Ordinance […] and that therefore, Jews who violate [this prohibition] as well as [authorities who conceal such illegal activities] are to be punished according to this prohibition which was made public on March 5, 1787, and Royal Court decree of April 10, 1787, and Governmental-Intimidation (‘Gubernialintimation’) of April 26, 1787 […]” [Researcher’s note: A number of different prohibitions were issued in Austria prohibiting Jews the trade with salt.]
Fortsetzung der von Johann Roth verfassten Sammlung aller in dem Königreiche Böhmen kundgemachten Gesetze und Verordnungen im alphabetischer Ordnung gereicht. Die Gesetze und Verordnungen vom Jaren 1802 bis Ende des Jahres 1818 sich fassend  Neu aufgelegt, verbessert und vermehrt durch Johann Kanka, J. U. D. und beeideten Landesadvokaten im Königreiche Böhmen. Neunter Teil. (Prag; 1821)’ (“Continuation of Johann Roth’s Collection of all Laws and Ordinances Promulgated in the Kingdom of Bohemia from 1802 until the end of 1818 inclusive. Neu edition, improved and added to/supplemented by Johann Kanka, J. D., sworn state attorney in the Kingdom of Bohemia. Ninth Volume.”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/13/2018 ADD PAGE #