Mar. 17, 1807

“Rescript” of the Prince-primate (‘Fürst Primas’) Karl Theodor von Dalberg* [Present-day Germany; Grand Duchy of Frankfurt]: “[…] the eminence (‘Eminentissimus’) cannot adjudicate against the city [… and even though …] the Jewry has received numerous imperial privileges and have filed a complaint in court and have received protection in some cases, the eminence/church authorities are not permitted to decide over this now and definitively [… and ..] until a final decision has been made in this matter, the current norms are to remain in effect. […]” [Researcher’s note: This rescript in effect upheld a previous law which stipulated that the church authorities could not rule against the city in a legal battle involving Jews.]
Nachträgliche Actenstücke der deutschen Bundes Verhandlungen, als Anhang zu den Protokollen der Bundesversammlung. Fünfter Band. (Subsequent documents of the German federal negotiations, as an appendix/attachment to the protocols/minutes of the federal assembly. Fifth volume.); (Frankfurt am Main; 1820); Reseached and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/12/2020