Oct. 19, 1807

“Expulsion of Jews” ukase* issued by Tzar Alexander I [Empire of Russia; Present-day Russia Republic, Alaska]: “The circumstances connected with the war were of a nature to complicate and suspend the transportation of the Jews. […] These complications can now[,] after the cessation of the war, be averted in the future by means of a gradual and most convenient arrangement of the work of transplantation. […] For these reasons we deem it right to lay down an arrangement by means of which the transplantation of the Jews, beginning with the date referred to above, may be carried out into effect, without the slightest delay and mitigation.” [Researcher’s note: *A proclamation by a Russian Emperor or government; an edict. The expulsion of Jews was to be spread over three years: one-third of the Jews were to be expelled in 1808; another third in 1809, and the last third in 1810. Committees were appointed to assist the governors in carrying out the expulsion degree.]
Dubnow, S.M. (and translated from the Russian by Friedlanender): History of the Jews in Russia and Poland; From the Earliest Times Until the Present Day [1915]; (Philadelphia, 1918); Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 11/25/2016