Jan. 20, 1818

Royal order, issued by Frederick VI, King of Denmark, to the Elders of the Copenhagen Jewry [Present-day Denmark]: “Our most important will and command is that you take the opportunity, after conferring upon this in meeting, to draft and submit to Our Danish Chancellery a draft of a church ceremony or ritual for the Mosaic believers to use during their religious services in the synagogues, so that We may consider thereupon whether it would be considered necessary to erect an appropriate building for the religious gatherings of these faithful, here in the city. Finally, We authorize you to enter into correspondence and submit details for the proper promotion of the case. Six attachments are included, for use and guidance in the case. Thus, do Our will!”
Cohen, Asser Daniel. De Mosaiske troesbekjenderes stilling i Danmark forhen og nu: historisk fremstillet i et tidsløb af naesten 200 aar, tilligemed alle lovsteder og offentlige foranstaltninger dem angaande, som ere udkomne fra 1651 til 1836. (The position of the Mosaic believers in Denmark, before and now: historically produced over a period of nearly 200 years, as well as all laws and public measures relating to the same which were published from 1651 to 1836). Forfatterens: Odense (Denmark), 1837. Page 200. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 6/15/2020