Mar. 20, 1821

“Regarding the working of apprentices and journeymen half a day on Fridays” issued by the State Ministry of the Interior [Present-day Germany; Kingdom of Bavaria]: “On behalf of His Majesty the King. After it was received that individual Rabbis wish that Jewish craftsmen/apprentices and journeymen should be prevented from working on so-called half-Fridays, but that not only Christian meisters/master craftsmen*, but also Jewish meisters are already working on those days in many places without thought or hesitation, that is why it is ordered that all interferences of Rabbis in this matter are illegal and emphatically rejected […].” [Researcher’s note: *Meister is an honorary title given to a master craftsman in Germany and German speaking countries.]
Sammlung der im Gebiete der inneren Staats-Verwaltung des Königreichs Bayern bestehenden Verordnungen aus amtlichen Quellen geschöpft und systematisch geordnet von G. Döllinger, König. bayer. geheimen Hausarchivar und wirklichen Rath. Sechste Band; (München; 1838); (Collection of Regulations/Ordinances Existing in the Territories of the Internal State Administration of the Kingdom of Bavaria from official sources and systematically arranged by G. Döllinger, Royal Bavarian Secret House-Archivist and True Advisor; Volume VI); (Munich; 1838); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 11/26/2019