Jul. 24, 1821

“Rescript of the Royal Ministries of Trade and Interior addressed to the Royal Silesian and Prussian governments regarding Jews from the Grand-Duchy of Posen visiting the annual-markets in the old provinces” [Present-day Germany, Poland, Lithuania; Kingdom of Prussia]: “[Regarding permits for Jews to visit annual markets in the new provinces …] The government of Posen is furthermore instructed to take the necessary steps to issue assuring attestations for their Jewish market-goers in their districts (‘Departments’) of their qualities as Prussian subjects and of their honesty […].”
Heinemann, Jeremiah: Sammlung der die religiöse und bürgerliche Verfassung der Juden in den königlich Preussischen Staaten betreffenden Gesetze, Verordnungen, Gutachten, Berichte und Erkenntnisse (Collection of laws, ordinances, evaluations, reports, and findings regarding the religious and civil Constitution of Jews in the Prussian States). (Berlin, 1835); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/3/2020