Jan. 17, 1825

“Rescript” issued by the His Majesty Maximilian I [Kingdom of Bavaria; Present-day Germany]: “[Confirms that Jews, who have the necessary education, disposition, and ‘legal mind/character’, cannot be excluded from becoming advocates/lawyers …] however, with one limitation […] that they (Jews) be excluded from all judicial functions […]” [Researcher’s note: The fact that Jews could be legally admitted to the profession of a lawyer was confirmed as per the “Highest Order” on May 23, 1834.]
Sammlung der im Gebiete der inneren Staats-Verwaltung des Königreichs Bayern bestehenden Verordnungen aus amtlichen Quellen geschöpft und systematisch geordnet von G. Döllinger, König. bayer. geheimen Hausarchivar und wirklichen Rath. Sechste Band; (München; 1838); (Collection of Regulations/Ordinances Existing in the Territories of the Internal State Administration of the Kingdom of Bavaria from official sources and systematically arranged by G. Döllinger, Royal Bavarian Secret House-Archivist and True Advisor; Volume VI), (Munich; 1838); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/11/2018 ADD PAGE #