Mar. 10, 1826

Decree, issued by Francis I, King of Lombardy-Venetia, for the City of Gorizia [Present-day Italy]: “If a Jew petitions the court to have his real estate ownership entered into the rolls of the Recorder’s Office, such a petition may only be granted if the petitioner produces a certificate, issued by the county, confirming that neither an increase in the number of Jewish families, on account of new settlement, is an obstacle to this entry, nor any law or laws governing his ownership of the real estate.”
Haimerl, Franz Xaver. Füger’s adeliches Richteramt, oder das gerichtliche Verfahren ausser Streitsachen in den deutschen Provinzen der österreichischen Monarchie. Dritter Theil (Füger’s Noble Judgeship, or Court Procedure, Except in Torts, in the German Provinces of the Austrian Monarchy. Part Three). Mösle & Braumüller: Vienna, 1837. Page 345. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 2/12/2020