Jul. 1, 1827

Decree, issued by Pope Leo XII, to the Jews of Vatican City [Present-day Vatican City]: “1. If a Jew has to leave the city, even for just one day, he shall apply in writing for our permission, giving his name, his first name, his residence, and the reason for his journey, as well as the place he wants to go to, and the duration of his absence. 2. Even once supplied with our permission, such a Jew may neither stay with a Christian, nor have a conversation with one. 3. The same permission is needed, whenever Jews wish to be vendors at a market. Three days after the end of the market, such Jews are to leave the market town, and the local authorities may not extend their stay. 4. When a Jew arrives at a town, he shall immediately show our permission to the bishop-inquisitor or the vicar; and this permission shall only be valid if it is shown at once, and as long as the local authorities have no reason to declare it void, or to narrow its scope. 5. Each contravention of our regulations will be punished mercilessly, by a fine of 300 Roman scudi, by jail time, and by other punishments to be devised.”
Jost, Isaak Markus. Geschichte der Israeliten seit der Zeit der Maccabäer bis auf unsre Tage: Neuere Geschichte der Israeliten von 1815 bis 1845; 2. Die Staaten und Länder außer Deutschland: mit Nachträgen und Berichtigungen zur älteren Geschichte, Band 10, Teil 2 (History of the Israelites from the time of the Maccabees to our present days: Recent history of the Israelites from 1815 until 1845; 2. The states and countries other than Germany: with appendices and corrections of older history, Vol. 10, Part 2). Schlesinger: Berlin, 1847. Page 279. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 5/3/2020