Nov. 30, 1828

(Cabinets-)Order (‘Anordnung’) of Frederick William III [Present-day Germany, Poland; Lithuania; Kingdom of Prussia]: “[…it appears that …] Jews are still choosing their names randomly/haphazardly (‘willkürlich’), and especially change their first names and take on Christian [baptismal] names, which cannot be given to Jews […] the local police-authorities are to strictly enforce this so that this disorder/mess (‘Unordnung’) no longer occurs.”
Wagner-Kern: Michael: Staat und Namensänderung. Beiträge zur Rechtsgeschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts; ([The] State and the changing of names. Contributions to the legal history of the 20th Century); (Tübingen; 2002); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/8/2020