Jul. 27, 1833

“Gubernium-Decree” (Gubernial Dekret’)* addressed the Jewish College Admissions Director (‘jüdische Studiendirektorat’) [Present-day Austria, Czech Republic; Crown-lands of the Austrian Empire]: “[Regarding] The treatment of Jews who attend lectures on canon law; prohibition to admit them to any exams and [regarding] the issuance of certificate of attendance to them (Jews). As a follow up to the Gubernium-Decree from September 19, 1820 (# 47503) which was announced via the College-Commissions-Decree of August 27, 1820 (# 5814) regarding the attendance of lectures on canon law by Jews it is referred to the supreme decision of February 28 of the same year in which it says: Jews, who take advantage of My permission of August 21, 1820, to attend lectures on canon law, are neither to be allowed to be [officially] examined (in the subject) nor to be permitted to partake in public or private end-of-semester exams. Also, the prohibition to issue attendance certificate for attendees of such lectures is still valid.” [Researcher’s note: *A Gubernium was the political administration of a provincial district in and around Austria, Germany, and what was once known as Bohemia etc.]
Provincial-Gesetzsammlung des Königreichs Böhmen für das Jahr 1833. Herausgegeben auf allerhöchsten Befehl under der Aufsicht des k. k. böhmischen Landesguberniums. Fünfzehnter Band, welcher die Verordnungen vom 1. Jänner bis letzten Dezember 1833 enthält. (Prag; 1834); (Provincial Collection of Laws of the Kingdom of Bohemia for the year 1833. Published according to a supreme order under the supervision of the r[oyal] i[mperial] Bohemian Gubernium.  Fifteenth Volume, which contains the ordinances from January 1 until the last day of December 1833.); (Prague; 1834); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/9/2019