Nov. 22, 1833

Order #3916, issued by the Interior and Police Ministry of Prussia [Present-day Germany]: “Even though Polish Jews shall not be refused entry into the Prussian lands, if and only if they can produce a passport that is accompanied by a German translation, nevertheless the border police officers shall first ascertain the following, before actually admitting the foreign Jew into Prussia: 1) the legitimization of the passport holder; 2) the purpose of his journey and 3) that he is in possession of the necessary funds for his journey.”
Kletke, M.G. (ed.). Organisation des Judenwesens in Großherzogthum Posen (Organization of Jewish Affairs in the Grand Duchy of Posen). Heymann: Berlin, 1843. Page 51. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 4/1/2020