Oct. 28, 1834

Regulation, issued by the state government of Posen [Present-day Germany]: “Art. IV.  1. Every Israelite has an obligation to inform the appropriate government offices of all births, weddings and divorces that take place within his family. 2. In cases of death, the person who bears the burial duty also bears the responsibility of informing the government of the death. 3. Either notice must be given no later than 24 hours after the event. 4. Contraventions will be punished by a fine of 1 to 10 thalers, or by an appropriate jail sentence.”
Kletke, M.G. (ed.). Organisation des Judenwesens in Großherzogthum Posen (Organization of Jewish Affairs in the Grand Duchy of Posen). Heymann: Berlin, 1843. Page 266. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 4/1/2020