Aug. 10, 1836

“Rescript” issued by the Prussian government and addressed to all parts of the land/local governments [Present-day Germany, Poland, Lithuania; Kingdom of Prussia]: “The royal higher regional court is ordered as per the supreme royal decree of June 19 [of the same year …] to refrain from referring to those of the Jewish religion as ‘Mosaic or old-testament co-religionists in all legal proceedings and documents but to rather use expressions like: Jew, or [of the] Jewish religion, or believer of the Jewish faith, etc. Simultaneously, per the aforementioned supreme decree, the royal decree of November 30, 1828, has also been tightened, in which it has been ordered that Jews may not have Christians names and that the police [are] to ensure that this […] no longer occurs.”
Die früheren und gegenwärtigen Verhältnisse der Juden in den sämmtlichen Landesstellen des Preußischen Staats; eine Darstellung und Revision der gesetzlichen Bestimmungen über ihre staats- und privatrechtlichen Zustände. Mit Benutzung der Archive der Ministerien des Innern und der Justiz. Von Ludwig von Rönne, Kammer-Gerichts-Rath und Heinrich Simon, Ober-Landes-Gerichts-Assessor; (Breslau; 1843); (The past and present circumstances of Jews in all parts of the Prussian state; a representation and revision of legal provision regarding their conditions in terms of state and private law. With the use of the archives of the Ministries of the Interior and Justice. By Ludwig von Rönne, Legal Council of the Chamber and Heinrich Simon Upper-State-Court-Assessor) (Wroclaw; 1843); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/2/2020 ADD PAGE #